Glest 3.0 Released

[Written by jose|self, sound, image|16.11.07]

After some time and quite some expectation, a new version has been released that includes the single most awaited feature in the history of the game: Multiplayer!

At this point the multiplayer feature is reduced to the bare bones, but it works. We are hoping on the community to help us test it :)

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In the spotlight: Heather Dale

[Written by jorge|sound|11.10.07]

Also published in Spanish by Articmist

Heather Dale is a fantastic canadian singer and producer, able to take us to places long ago forgotten while she tells us stories with her wonderful voice.

J:Thanks for your time, Heather… Give us a global vision of your musical trajectory.

I am always looking for new stories to tell… I enjoy studying legends and stories from around the world. I think that every story, no matter how old it is, or how strange it seems, can tell us something about ourselves — it can help us Read the rest of this article »

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[Written by jose|general, self|10.10.07]

I am proud to announce that from tomorrow on this site will feature interviews by Jorge Sergio. Here´s a little about him:

A passionate synthesist and music connoisseur, Jorge is a reference in the field of “independent new musics” -quite broad term!-, and he regularly writes articles on new releases and interviews musicians from every corner of the world. Jorge is currently managing the site Articmist.

Look forward to Jorge´s articles, starting with his interview to canadian artist Heather Dale.

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Mencius of the day

[Written by jose|general|04.10.07]

There´s people renowned as great creators only because no one has ever refuted their weak arguments.

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[Written by jose|general|30.09.07]

(…) a collapsible eyeglass and self-encasing system

Foldable Glasses= Opti-gami! Actually all glasses I know are foldable, but these “concept glasses” do something better: they fold in the middle in a way so that the arms encase the lenses, thus protecting them from scratches. One could perhaps argue that as a result the arms themselves are perhaps too big, but the solution is clever and convenient. The whole RKS site worths a visit: they design all sorts of cool products for others, they make some of the best-looking guitars I have ever seen, plus they have coined the term “psycho-aestetics“, in their own words

(…)a proprietary design methodology in which a product’s design creates a promise of physical and emotional benefits to the user as well as guides us to address the product’s key attributes and consumer desires.

… a design that makes you feel better, powerful… that path can only lead to making rock guitars, obviously! XD

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Recursive Droste

[Written by jose|image|25.09.07]

Last Updated 26.09.07

The wikipedia defines recursion as “(…)a method of defining functions in which the function being defined is applied within its own definition (…) a process of repeating objects in a self-similar way”. Point a mirror towards another mirror and Read the rest of this article »

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The minitank!

[Written by jose|image|23.09.07]

The site above features a very nice collection of mini-aquariums, along with code for you to include them in your own website or blog, may you want to. I tested a miniaqua in nan´s sidebar for a few days, and after “installing” it my browser updated (automatically) the Shockwave player. Then the aquarium ran perfectly, though a friend told me today that he had been unable to open the site, so be careful if you decide to use it. By the way, there´s another version of the aquarium available from the same site, though it´s not as mini :P

Now, for some real-ly small fishtanks, you may like to take a look at this selection.

Related Article: The megatank!

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Dumber&Dumber Vs…

[Written by ángel|sound, image|21.09.07]

“What do the cruellest criminals do when they are all together?” This looks like the beginning of a joke, but still isn´t… Perhaps if I say “Simon West’s Con Air”, you will guess what the joke is. Wow! What a horrible film (in my opinion)! More than a blockbuster it seems a “blockbastard”! -Sorry for the pun.

Ok. Let’s start again. I am not going to talk about the ridiculous script, the non-existent sense of measure, the extremely confuse action scenes, or the inappropriate performances. I think that something better could Read the rest of this article »

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Confucius of the day

[Written by jose|general|19.09.07]

The forces of Nature show themselves by making a feeble stream flow no less than by displaying huge forces able to change all beings; that precisely is the greatness of Heaven and Earth.

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Bringing Molecular Structures to the Real World

[Written by jose|general|17.09.07]

modelling the structure by means of up-to-date 3 dimensional molding method offers an effective teaching aid.

(Freely “rearranged” from the babelfish translation of the page above.)

I highly recommend that you take a look at this article even if you don´t know japanese, since its pictures (scroll down a bit) beautifully illustrate several techniques currently used to make real objects from 3D models. In this case the subjects are molecular structures: these techniques not only bring them to a human scale but also to the human world, thus helping scientists twice. Furthermore, some of the machines used, like the Roland mdx scanner and milling machine, are getting cheap and easy to use enough that in a near future they may become as common as photocopiers!

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All that is to know about… Swickis!

[Written by jose|general|06.08.07]

(or almost) XD

A search engine that learns from your community’s search behavior.

In a nutshell, a Swicki is a search engine which gets gradually biased by the community that uses it -which explains the wiki wicki side of the word. I´ve spent a few days now using it, so what comes next is a report on my own experience on how to Read the rest of this article »

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On Virtual desktops in Windows

[Written by jose|general|26.10.06]

“If only windows had a multiple desktop system, how happy would I be!”, I have thought to myself quite a few times… I wish I could have a tidy desktop, free of the zillion files that clutter almost all the available space, but if I moved those files I would surely lose track of them.

So, is there any app out there that could allow one to keep several different desktops within the same computer? As far as I know, the answer is “yes and no”, but at least the “Yes” side of the story could be enough for many users: Read the rest of this article »

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Reading between the lines

[Written by supporting editor Bob|general|06.10.06]

Subliminal messages allow us to communicate something without being direct, and are usually quite effective in reaching the target. Let´s practise!

Imagine there are rumours of a vacancy in the executive bureau of the company where you work. You want to make your boss understand that you are the most capable person for the post. Your boss has his/her car in the repair shop, and you offer to lift him/her (because it’s on your way home). How can you tell her her/him about your aptitudes without saying anything, but only playing five songs? Read the rest of this article »

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Confucius of the day

[Written by jose|general|03.10.06]

The Master said: I have no secret science. When an ignorant man asks me about something, no matter how shallow the question is I try to inform him the best I can, exhausting the topic in all its aspects.

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Give the right answer, Joe

[Written by jose|general, self|01.10.06]

“Right! In your dreams! I’m not a nerd!” Joe jibed his brother good-naturedly.

Had Joe said “I´m a Nan”, he wouldn´t have received the answer he received. What was that answer? Ah, I´ll guess you´ll have to read the story, just as much as Joe should have read NAN! :P

ps. in the same story…

“Bye, Nan!” Callie chimed and her slightly high-pitched voice was sounding a little shrill to Nancy’s ears.

“You know something, Drew? You’re like an open book right now.”

heh, it seems that actually Joe was reading NAN XD

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