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Happy life through easy origami: shirt

[Written by jose|general, image|05.07.06]

fold an origami Hawaiian Shirt ( a short sleeved sport shirt).

The origami shirt is one of my favourite models: it is easy to make, and looks great! In the site above you will find step-by-step instructions to fold it, with pictures. The hawaian look is optional, of course: I for instance made this soccer-themed shirt :)

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[Written by jose|general|30.06.06]

Mentocola, in its stable form, is one of the rarest substances on Earth, since this mix tends to explode unless you handle it very carefully. This video shows how to make it. The explosive reaction, on the other hand, has become quite popular lately…

disclaimer: Making&drinking mentocola may be risky, be aware of that.

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Mencius of the day

[Written by jose|general|28.06.06]

It is better not to know the books of History than to unconditionally accept what they say.

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The Optimus keyboard

[Written by jose|general, image|26.06.06]

Every key of the Optimus keyboard is a stand-alone display showing exactly what it is controlling at this very moment.

Designed by russian Levedeb Studio, the Optimus Keyboard will make use of cutting edge technology to redefine the peripheral´s functionality.

As we know, a computer keyboard is bound to whatever was printed on the keys when manufactured. This is something we usually don´t pay much attention to, unless we Read the rest of this article »

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Mencius of the day

[Written by jose|general|17.06.06]

It is not convenient to proclaim that the reason for every human action is the profit and benefits that can be obtained from it.

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14 million for an aibo?

[Written by jose|general|16.06.06]

Aibo is the name of the robotic pets brand that Sony was producing until very recently. Now discontinued, I understand that the prices for second hand units may rise… but I have just found this aibo selling for 7.917.029,53 EUR, which sounds a little too expensive. However, to my surprise there´s this other aibo selling for 14.639.379,30 EUR!! I wonder if there´s something fishy going on: take a look at the bidding history, you may be surprised… The aibos are announced as “complete & immaculate”.

ps. But if you really want them, they´re still on sale… ;)

Update A few hours later, one of the aibos has been retired and the other one has had its price reduced, the high bids canceled.

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Zinc Mecha

[Written by jose|general, image|15.06.06]

Japanese toy design is one of the last bastions of optimism in our increasingly luddite world-view. (…) we endeavor to be the most complete, thorough and accurate resource regarding anything related to Japanese toys

If you like japanese robots, you MUST visit Zinc Panic. This site features a huge collection of articles on japanese robot characters and toys of every kind you could think about. You say Mazinger? they have it. Evangelion? sure! Gundam? of course! You´ll probably have to fight the cool-looking, pixel-artsy, kinda-esotheric interface, but getting lost in the site is actually part of the experience, as the designers explain in the… er, helpful help section:

there is no end point, no goal to reach, within Zinc Panic.

All said and done: After quite some time exploring the site at my leisure, I recognize the great double effort made to build up a comprehensive database and a website with personality. I assure you, browsing through Zinc Panic will be a unique and rewarding experience. Dorka Dorka Radar Radar!! :D

ps. Through Zinc Panic I got to Fewture. Mazinger, Aphrodite and Garada will never be the same…

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Reading between the lines

[Written by supporting editor Bob|general, sound|14.06.06]

Subliminal messages allow us to communicate something without being direct, and are usually quite effective in reaching the target. Let´s practise!

Imagine you want to leave your girlfriend/boyfriend because you have discovered something you don’t agree with. Now imagine you have to take her/him home in your car. How can you tell her/him your feelings without saying anything, but only playing five songs? Read the rest of this article »

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Mencius of the day

[Written by jose|general|11.06.06]

You search for the straight path far away and it is beside you. You believe that Goodness consists in making difficult things, when it is nothing more than making easy things with rectitude.

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Game developers spotted!

[Written by jose|general, sound, image|08.06.06]

Publishers, development studios with a staff of five or more, studios with previously published games, and studios under contract with a publisher are listed.

Gamedevmap is a growing database of video game companies. For the sake of general curiosity, you can spot at a glance the most prominent areas for video game developing -this is a little tricky though, since the spots don´t give visual information on the number of companies on each one of them-. However, I believe that this link will be most valuable for those interested in entering the business, since it saves countless headaches searching for the companies´ locations and sites. Beware that not every company is covered: the webmasters rely on the readers´ help to complete the list, so this could be your opportunity to add a spot! :)

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Risky Business

[Written by ángel|general, sound, image|07.06.06]

We all know that the producers’ aim is to make a profit. And it’s logical: like any company, they are moved by obvious interests:

  • Position in the Industry (I mean, having a predominance in a market segment against other companies)
  • …which allows them to be able to have at their disposal better human and material resources;
  • …which means they are able to tackle the biggest projects;
  • …which (they believe) will yield larger profits and cost-effectiveness.
  • Then, it’s sensible to think that every film will be considered a product to exploit economically. There’s nothing wrong with it.

    Simplifying a lot, let’s Read the rest of this article »

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    nanizzle to the max

    [Written by jose|general|06.06.06]

    Ok, try the link. It´s the gizoogle translation of this site, which I promise will give you some good laughs. The last “Confucius of tha day“, for instance, translates to:

    Meng-chi-che had bootylicious physical strength n admirable courage, but tizzle cannot be compared ta tha sublime strength of truth, which Tseng-tse possessed like a motha f*cka.


    A year of nan!

    [Written by jose|general, self|05.06.06]

    It was a year ago that I started nan (not a nerd), so I think it is time to say:

    -Thank you, people! for reading the articles and leaving your comments and opinions.

    -Thank you, Stephie! for proofreading all the articles and having so much patience :)

    -Thank you, Angel! for your commitment, your efforts and your suggestions to improve the site.

    -Thank you, Carlos! for letting me translate your articles, and for the many insights to come!

    -Thank you, Ana! I still have to convince you to send me some more stuff, but the articles you sent were all great, hehe

    -And again, thank you, people!

    During this month I´ll spend quite some time doing maintenance on the whole site; I would like to change my personal page´s layout so that it matches the look of the magazine. I have also recently added a board on which I´ll be working so that it may serve as a meeting point for all the people around nan. Talking of that, another upcoming change is a page explaining all the w´s (what, why, who, where) on the magazine, and maybe some changes in the way the sections are linked from within the main page. All in all, I´ll do my best to keep improving, and I hope that you like the results! :)


    Confucius of the day

    [Written by jose|general|02.06.06]

    Meng-chi-che had great physical strength and admirable courage, but that cannot be compared to the sublime strength of truth, which Tseng-tse possessed.

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    Confucius of the day

    [Written by jose|general|20.05.06]

    In the past, those who devoted themselves to study searched for their own perfecting; nowadays those who devote themselves to study do so to affect upon the others.

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