Eat Nan!!

[Written by jose|general, self|01.05.06]

Last Updated 16.06.06

Nan is a wonderful Punjabi leavened bread that goes well with any Vegetable Kormas or Dhansak.

Officially Nan stands for not-a-nerd, but I just found this recipe for making Nan bread. See, we´re so cute you could eat us!

ps. Actually I´m going to try to make a loaf of Nan bread, so stay tuned for updates :)

Update 16.06.06 Ok, I tried… you can see the results for my first experiment below. More experiments will follow, but any advice or pictures or help would be greatly appreciated (at least I didn´t burn anything!) :P

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 first attempt, sideways 
first attempt, sideways
 first attempt, front view 
first attempt, front view

2 Responses to “Eat Nan!!”

  1. totb Says:

    You are wrong. IEEE gets the TLA sooner than you

    What a nerdish comment, yeah?

  2. jose Says:

    that´s more Nannish than nerdish, indeed :P Anyway I said “Officially“, which more or less means “officially, according to this site” ;)

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