From here to Moroder

[Written by jose|sound|06.06.06]

This is a great video featuring Giorgio Moroder playing one of his most famous hits, “From Here to Eternity”. Moroder was one of the greatest contributors to the electronic music scene in the seventies and eighties, producing music for countless artists (i.e., donna summer) and a handful of soundtracks, like The NeverEnding Story, Top Gun or Midnight Express, for which he was awarded an Oscar. In some aspects his music hasn´t aged very well, but he was a pioneer, and many of his songs will remain fresh forever. My personal favourite: chase!

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  1. tete Says:

    Está claro que le has pillado el truquillo a insertar videos youtube en el blog. Enhorabuena! A ver si finalmente podemos montar el examen de GOW.

  2. jose Says:

    Bueno, mucho mérito no tiene: copypaste+ajustar tamaño de la ventana :P

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