Reading between the lines

[Written by supporting editor Bob|general, sound|14.06.06]

Subliminal messages allow us to communicate something without being direct, and are usually quite effective in reaching the target. Let´s practise!

Imagine you want to leave your girlfriend/boyfriend because you have discovered something you don’t agree with. Now imagine you have to take her/him home in your car. How can you tell her/him your feelings without saying anything, but only playing five songs?

  • Start by giving some pity. It’s always effective, but in small doses. How can you mend a broken heart? (Bee Gees).
  • Let her/him know something is wrong. It will suit you to exaggerate a little. Baby did a bad bad thing (Chris Isaak).
  • If you think she/he hasn’t understood it, say it clearer. Guilty (Mike Oldfield).
  • There is no way out. You’ve made your mind, and there is a new life from now on. The times they are a-changing (Bob Dylan).
  • And finally, use a non-offensive topic. Why can’t we be friends? (Smash mouth).
  • Any suggestions? leave us a comment, or discuss it in the board :)

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    4 Responses to “Reading between the lines”

    1. dave Says:

      Surely the two big guns
      Babe I am gonna leave you by led zeppelin
      50 ways to leave your lover

      are sure things? Besides being two of the greatest songs of all time.

    2. jose Says:

      Those two songs are effective, but not quite subliminal :P

    3. dick Says:

      More “liminal” than subliminal, but Led Zeppelin deserves -at least- an article. “Babe, I am gonna leave you” is a true masterpiece.

    4. angel Says:

      Sure. The fabulous “Led Zeppelin” will have -at least- one article. In a few weeks time …

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