The Garden of Eden

[Written by ana|general|18.02.06]

Those unknown bugs from Papua Island should consider themselves screwed up. When man discovers a Garden of Eden, it automatically ceases to be, so I really feel for the honeyeater bird, the tree kangaroo and the Zaglossus Bruijni ( a mix between a hedgehog and a duckbill), which should have hidden themselves better. The “fifth extinction” has already reached them, unless scientists erect in that jungle a wall like the one used to contain King Kong and throw the key into some abyssal hole. And even so.

The experts calculate that there are seven million species in the world, from which only 1.75 million have been described. Every year 17 000 species are lost, many of them without having shown their credentials. Who knows if some of those which are still hidden, or are already gone, hold the cure for AIDS or radical islamism. I would be content if that frog which looks at me with bulging eyes from the picture in the newspaper spit the poison of common sense.


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