To feed or not to feed, that is the question…

[Written by jose|self|06.03.06]

For a few months after I started this site, I kept the original partial feed. However, I didn´t like the way the articles were displayed (especially the links in the beginning), so last month I decided to change to “titles only” mode while at the same time I made use of the feedburner plugin so that all the feeds were centralized and I could effectively control their look. Finally, this month I will test the “full feed” option, so you will get the full articles in your aggregator -or by email, in case you subscribe via feedblitz (scroll down a bit and you will see the subscription form in the left, just over my face :P ). After some time (one or two months for instance) I will decide whether or not to keep the full RSS or go back to partial or “titles only” mode. Quick update: After Tete´s comment, I have made available the three versions (Full, Summaries, and Headlines), so that you can choose which one you like. They are located at the top of the sidebar, just beside “home”. Default is Full, and email subscribers will receive the full articles too.

Since the purpose of RSS is to make the reader´s life easier, I would like, if possible, to know your opinion about this issue. Are the titles enough? Would you like to receive part of the articles and then decide whether to go for the full article? Or do you prefer to have all the content at hand? I´m not much biased towards one option or another (well, I would turn off “full feed” in case someone blatantly stole the content, or if the bandwith usage increased so much that I couldn´t afford it, which I don´t think will happen), so I count on you to tell me what you want.

ps. I´m assuming everyone knows what a feed is, when actually I didn´t know much about them not so long ago. As always, wikipedia comes to the rescue.

ps2. Two views on the matter from Scobleizer and Pirillo. The latter is almost one year old, but still makes a nice counterpoint.

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2 Responses to “To feed or not to feed, that is the question…”

  1. tete Says:

    Hi jose:

    I know that u have studied the problem in deep, but, what about the readers choice; if your point is make nan’s reader easier, why dont just publish the feeds in the three ways?

    Sadly i dont master the technicalities so i cant help or point you towards any solution.


  2. jose Says:

    Yes, I think you are right. I have just made the three versions available from the sidebar: F for full, S for summaries, and H for Headlines (I didn´t want to clutter the sidebar so I just put the initials. I hope that the small standard feed icon to their sides will be hint enough). The full feed is given by default, and email subscribers will receive the full articles too. Thanks, Tete!

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