A secret vault for the informed superhero


Twist a candlestick and your fireplace rotates, granting access to a hidden room(…)

Being a superhero is exciting but also has its drawbacks. It is a demanding occupation that tends to interfere with your personal life, hence the need to keep your public identity safe. Even if you live alone you will surely receive visits every now and then; I bet you can remember at least one or two times when you had to rush to hide your stuff (suit, computers, gadgets, magazines) from your neighbours’ inquisitive looks. Things only get worse if you live with other people or you have a pet: hairballs in the suit, no more computers in the living room, the kids messing around with your gadgets…

Let me tell you something: every superhero needs a secret hideout, or at least a secret vault, period. Batman has his batcave, Superman has a cottage in the ice, and Spiderman can use his web to camouflage the goods wherever a spider can. This said, there´s a number of superheroes which have been asking for affordable, convenient solutions to hide their vaults and facilities -indeed a hidden market niche-. Fortunately, the people from Creative Home Engineering offer a range of effective solutions, from rotating fireplaces to opening staircases and bookshelves (my favourite), that will surely suit the most demanding or eccentric requests. There is a selection of extras that will provide you with extra security via biometrical sensors and you can always add a personal touch with custom switches. Even more, as an intermediate solution for the creative superhero with some spare time, they can send you a do-it-yourself kit. You shouldn´t miss the videos in the site as they show some of the ideas they have already come up with.

All in all, as I said, these are clever solutions for superheroes like you, but also to regular nans too: if I ever built a proper music studio at home, I would surely ask these people for ideas on the plans. Or maybe I´d build a dome and hide it under the ground in the backyard, who knows!

ps. This is kinda wicked, but I wish their especial “sofa” was installed in every concert hall. An operator in a -of course, hidden- control room would make the floor open below those who clapped in between movements… mwaHaaahaahaha!! (naw, I´m not that evil 😉 )

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