Beautiful origami earrings

The Origami Group in Santiago de Compostela is a cheerful community of enthusiasts of paper folding. There’s no “membership”, as no special requirement is needed to join other than curiosity and interest towards learning new figures (and making friends, of course!).

No matter what you want to learn, say a complex rose or the explanation of the fujimoto technique, there´s always someone willing to teach you, and new activities are proposed in almost every meeting (in fact, the international origami meeting took place in santiago just two years ago).

Among these activities, they began making earrings as a “hobby within a hobby”. They started selling them just to try and see what happened, and now they’re overwhelmed with orders! I’m planning on making some earrings myself (probably after the models in the book “origami wreaths and rings“, which I love), but I don’t have much time to do so. Many of the earrings are little jewels that take lots of time of steady and careful labour, like the modular designs; others are hard to fold at so small a scale, like the roses.

So far, everyone agrees that the earrings are really beautiful, so I decided to show here some pictures before they all get sold. I hope that you will enjoy the collection, and that my friends keep up the good work! 🙂

ps: Happy New Year!

Update 17.01.06 I added two more pictures of the new earrings they´re making. Instructions for folding a clam (easy).

Update 26.02.06 I added many more pictures taken at the Origami meeting which took place this weekend in Santiago.

10 thoughts on “Beautiful origami earrings”

  1. Where to find diagrams for jewelry works like these?. Please write me to juanjo(dot)vega(a)gmail(dot)com.
    Better in spanish (I’m spanish and by your name I suposse you speak spanish too ;))

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Juanjo, I already sent you the reply 🙂 You can make earrings and jewels out of any model; the “secret” -apart from making small models-, is to use clear nail polish to coat them.

  3. These earrings are an excellent example of the colorful
    variety of shapes we find in Origami. You have good
    use of wire and beads and the polish makes them shine.
    Very well done. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are so beautiful! I was just wondering how do you connect them to the earring wires? Thanks =)

  5. Hi! your earrings are beautiful!!!
    Would it be possible to have some diagrams?
    I like very much the designs on the top of the leftmost picture on the first row and those in the rightmost pic on the second row.


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