Counting Out

The albums featured will either be milestones in the history of progressive rock, other influential albums, or just good examples from the catalogue of a certain band. Each article is designed to offer an insight into the background of the band, the musicians, the writing and events surrounding the recordings. Not so much a review but more of an in-depth feature assessing the impact made by these particular recordings.

“Counting out Time” is a site, part of the dprp (Dutch Progressive Rock Page), which offers a collection of articles on selected Progressive Rock music albums from the sixties to the nineties. Some of the articles focus on analyzing the music (my friend Ángel will probably love the articles on Alan Parsons), while others give extensive information on the circumstances and the people surrounding its creation (talking on Alan, I must highlight their article on “Tales of Mystery…”).

The site itself is the result of the contribution of several people and so are the articles, which explains the difference on style and focus between them. Their quality level, though, is always high, and as a result, when taken as a whole they offer a wide, yet thorough scope on the development of Progressive Rock style. The site´s only drawback, I dare to say, is that their last review is of dec. 2004. However, the articles published are still there for good and you shouldn´t miss the oportunity to read them -plus dprp´s forum is very active.

ps. All the albums there can be labeled as progressive rock? I would at least partially disagree in what refers to Vangelis and Mike Olfield…

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