Easy life through practical origami: envelope

My friend Covadonga sent me a very nice step-by-step guide to making this origami envelope, originally attributed to Frances Levangia. She writes, “I made these diagrams based on paper models because otherwise I would forget how to make it, so when I like something, since I have no idea of how to diagram, I do it in this way”. Thanks Covadonga! 🙂

While searching for information on the envelope, I came across this site, where you will find a very nice collection of letterfolds and envelopes diagrammed by John Cunliffe. This same model is included among them; for those who are learning how to read diagrams, it could be interesting to compare it with Covadonga’s instructions to see how the drawings translate themselves into foldings.

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3 thoughts on “Easy life through practical origami: envelope”

  1. This is really not the correct instructions for this envelope. It does not close correctly if done like this. If you wish, a young lady has made a YouTube video. Search Rosemarie995 Envelope 7 (re-make) for a much sturdier version.

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