Glest 2.0 released

In case you haven’t read my previous articles on it, Glest is a Free, open-source 3d Real Time Strategy Game, designed in a way so that it is easy to customize and expand. Glest has been in continuous development for several years, and has received awards in the Art Futura and Mundos Digitales spanish international festivals. Finally we have released the official 2.0 version, which includes many add-ons that we hope will enhance gameplay. The game is available for Windows and Linux and I encourage you to try it, not because I participated in it but because I believe it is a good game. Don’t forget to visit the Forum: it is an evergrowing and active community where people discuss their ideas and contributions on the game, and it is the place to go for the last Glest-related news.

The full set of new features include the following:

– New Magic units:
– Tower of Souls: Air defense building, attacks air only
– Golem: Defensive unit, needs EP to walk, can’t attack air
– Daemon giant: Heavy melee unit
– Drake rider: Light ranged unit
– New Tech units:
– Aerodrome: Building for producing air units
– Air ballista: Air defense building, attacks air only
– Rider: Fast medium unit
– Ornithopter: Light air unit
– Airship: Heavy air unit, can’t attack air
– New Magic upgrades
– New Tech upgrades
– New animations for existing units
– Shared vision between allies
– New particle blending
– Felix and Matze added to the credits
– Players now start on the location indicated in the game settings menu
– Score system
– HTML documentation
– Increased projectile accuracy
– Optimized particle rendering
– Loads of balance changes

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