Groboto-beta: new screens

Jeff Anderson, developer of Groboto, has kindly sent me the link above. It points to his new blog, where he´s posting images made with the beta for the new version of the program. This is very good news for two reasons: it means that the work is advancing at a good pace, and it shows that it is advancing in the right direction. Several of the pictures he has posted are screen captures that show the program´s interface (after you click on a picture for the first time, notice that there´s an icon over its upper-left corner that allows you to see the full size version). The controls shown look reasonably intuitive and the images, impressive. If the rendering speed is as fast as he claims (this picture was rendered in just three seconds) and the interface is as easy as to not interfere with creativity, Groboto may be truly one of the most interesting programs since William Latham released Organic Art (V2 will be the first version for both windows and macOS; V1.6 already stands as one of the most unique and interesting programs of its kind for the mac).

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2 thoughts on “Groboto-beta: new screens”

  1. Hi

    Please give me some idea when the new version of Groboto will be out for Windows XP. I have written the info on website, but no reply.

    I plan to purchase it. It really is an amazing program!


  2. The same day I published this article, Jeff sent me an email saying that the beta would be ready “soon”. “Soon” is a very loose term when it is about software development, but Jeff has been consitently updating his blog (see link above) since then, so I think it won´t take long. 🙂

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