Groboto-beta: new videos

The antialiasing is real-time and perfect (no really it is) while the textures use conformal mapping which means no stretching or mapping artifacts like you get with typical projective mapping.

Jeff Anderson has updated his blog with some new videos showing Groboto, the 3D organic art program, in action. It seems that the hopes I showed in my last article on the beta are being confirmed. The interface proves to be friendly and powerful; you can rotate the model effortlessly at any moment, and manipulating the seed (the little shape you start with) or the lighting is also very easy. Everything casts shadows over everything, and the textures have a crisp look due to the special kind of bump mapping used.

There are still many things about Groboto that remain a mystery: will it feature predefined shapes like the previous version? will it have a genetics lab? what will the export options be? When the beta testing is open I’ll be able to answer those questions. Until then, the expectations are getting pretty high 😀

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2 thoughts on “Groboto-beta: new videos”

  1. Hi

    Please give me an update on the Windows version of Groboto.

    1. What is the date it will be out?
    2. What will cost be?
    3. Where can you purchase this?

    This looks like a great program . Much like William Latham’s Evoultion of form.

    Thanks !

  2. So far I haven´t received any news from the developers so I don´t know when it will be released; however they have kept on updating the blog quite often, which means that they keep on working at a good pace. I believe that you´ll be able to buy it at least from their own site (that´s how I got the first version). The price is also unknown; v1.6 was $44 plus shipping.

    By the way, I own a copy of Latham´s “Organic Art” which I found some years ago in a store for… ten dollars I think 😛 . It was a great program back then, ran fairly fast in a 486 (forget that “some”, it was many years ago), and was really easy to use, much more than Groboto(v1).

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