the “ultimate puppet” that could duplicate the grace and range of human movement

Mark Ho has recently been spotted in many sites across the Web after his work on the ArtForm No.1, a metal fully poseable robot sculpture. The reasons for this interest? Well, according to a post in digg, Mark is selling a limited series of these sculptures, priced at more than 36000 dollars each. That will raise some eyebrows, but honestly, I think that the price is fair (and it would be even if the series weren’t limited). From a craftsperson’s point of view the statue is a masterpiece, comprised of 920 pieces that shape in metal a study on functional anatomy. However, I believe that the way in which this study is presented, the aesthetical choices Mark has made, are the true forces that have driven the interest of nerds and nans everywhere towards his work. To me, No.1 is truly a piece of art, and the best rendition of Asimovs´robots, period.

By the way, besides reading on the robot I suggest that you save a little time to read on the sculptor’s life: “officially” trained as a filmmaker, Mark learned the secrets of his art by working as an apprentice for a craftsman for over two years. Undoubtedly, No.1 -and hopefully, all the numbers to come- is the result of something more than pure craft, but still this story is a tribute to those who believe in commitment as the force behind success… one robot at a time 😛

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