Leave no space for doubt


The Flasher is the first fully programmable portable scrolling sign that can be used anywhere & stuck to almost anything!

I´ve been thinking on a funny acute comment but actually the flasher speaks for itself. With up to 32 characters, you can wear your resume, your favorite Confucius quote, or just that funny acute comment that will denote how NAN you are. About the pictures and what they do represent, I guess that they’re not very representative of the average user and use of the product… (sticks to almost anything, but seems to have its preferences) 😛

From the rest of the site´s catalog, I’d choose the Krill Lights, if only because they run on batteries and so they don´t wear out (forever) in a few hours. The Glow Gloves are probably too much for me, and the Laserpod seems to offer the kind of balance between sophistication and cheezyness that makes me avidly open the page and then shamefully close it right after.

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