Let´s make a mini-me!



In sanscrit, the term Avatar comes to mean “the terrestrial incarnation of a god”. In nerd, it is an image that you use to represent yourself in forums or while chatting, usually a picture of some person or character you feel attached to or a caricature of yourself.

Besides searching for a premade picture, you can make use of one of the many avilable automated generators, from which I chose the two examples above, to tailor one to your liking. The Gaia Dream Creator offers you full-body manga style characters with lots of accesories and a high cuteness factor; the Avatar Creator (which I found in numerous sites) is a flash application focused on face portraits. Both of them are very intuitive to use, and the Gaia Creator even outputs a rendered image that automatically gets hosted in ImageShack for you to use; as for the Avatar Creator, you´ll need to make a screen capture (printscreen button), then paste and cut the portrait with an appropriate program. Have fun!

[Update|26.12.05] If you liked the Dream Creator, you may want to try gavsim too.

9 thoughts on “Let´s make a mini-me!”

  1. Is it possible to load the character you make here, into Gaia as your playable character?

  2. I found these words in Gaia´s forums:

    Gaia Dream Avatar Creator allows you to generate an image to place in your signature with items you wish to obtain.

    Please note that it is very possible (and intended) to be able to create unrealistic avatar images that cannot be actually formed on GaiaOnline.

    I think that with the dream creator you can create a picture of the character you want and experiment with different outfits. Since those are just pictures and not playable characters, you can´t bring them to GaiaOnline, but you can use them as avatars in the forums, or as guidelines for how you want your actual character to look like.

  3. The Dream Creator is an off branch of GAIA ONLINE.

    If you think the Avis are cute–you should join up!

  4. i play gaia online and i use tektek.org all the time for my dream avatars. Its very handy and you should join gaia!

  5. Folks ..for the ultimate mini-mee check out Weemees at http://www.weeworld.com Not a lot of people know that Weeworld invented this shit. They were making Weemees way back in 2002. Pre Yahoo and the rest of the johnny come latelys .. thats why there are 23.5 Milliion of the wee buggers out there !!!

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