Lovely head

There’s no doubt that Goldfrapp is one of the most interesting groups in the current music scene. But let’s start by the beginning. In the late 90’s, Allison Goldfrapp, alter having collaborated with some indie artists, joins Will Gregory so as to bring up the duet Goldfrapp.

Their capacity to integrate multiple musical (and non-musical) references to their particular stamp, is what has already converted them in a cult group.

Their debut album “Felt Mountain” was welcomed by critics and successfully received by the audience. Fresh air! And though their following “Black Cherry” presents several changes, these albums are only different in the surface, because what tells Goldfrapp from other groups is a very gorgeous range of influences (which gives inward coherence to both works).

Lovely head

Let’s go over those influences:

  • Trip-Hop.- They like unveiled concepts, as if the melodies were lying in wait to alter a dense mist bank. Their electronic programming has some references like Portishead or Tricky, but –instead of obscure atmospheres-, in Goldfrapp takes priority a brightness impregnated with oneirism.
  • Techno.- Allison had already co-worked with Orbital and, as well as Will Gregory, she sees in techno music a supplement for their sonic cocktail.
  • Soundtracks.- Goldfrapp searches for an intemporal music, but -oddly- by means of retro music from the 70’s (even from former decades). There we can find the sharp influence of Morricone, with his themes for Italian movies, harmonized with a slight bossa rhythm, and some trials with psychedelia in which the feminine voice had a privileged role (“La donna invisibile”, “Verustchka”, “Private pictures of a lady”, … ). We have to refer as well to John Barry and the songs composed for James Bond movies (recall “Goldfinger” and you will make a composition of Goldfrapp’s imaginary).
  • Cabaret.- Allison is a true diva. She’s the Marlene Dietrich of indie music. Goldfrapp is not only music but also staging. Every single element is well cared for. Every thing has their sign. So, we find a diva who has to be Machiavellian but charming; she has to be able to attract with her perversity. And that is exactly what happens: she is wickedly attractive.
  • Well. Enjoy the style and the talent of this peculiar musical collage with own personality called Goldfrapp.

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