Music for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming soon. If you are the kind of people who feel “obliged” to make some gifts but you don’t like it so much, then you are my kind. What do we do in these cases? Well, we sit and wait for an inspiration which often brings the form of a perfume or music. However, since you won’t be giving perfumes for your whole life, music is an option with endless possibilities. It has to be romantic, of course, because if your couple is enraptured by any theme of the album, she/he will probably turn it into “the couple song” (for some months, at least).

Ok. This is the reason to give you four sentimental alternatives for “easy-listeners”. It’s known that, when someone is in love, she/he tends to enjoy some songs that –in another situation- she/he would dislike. Nevertheless, I will try (the best I can) that the recommended titles don’t exceed the allowed limit of saccharine.

Music for Valentine’s Day

Let’s start with a morsel of alternative pop. With some resemblances to Coldplay, we find the more melodic Saybia. This Danish band has a good fistful of excellent romantic melodies in their two albums released: “Second You Sleep” and “These Are the Days”. Most of all their lyrics talk about lack of love instead of love. Yes, that´s true. But, while we are in love, we could still enjoy listening to songs like “In spite of” (vocalist Soren Huss sounds very similar to Chris Martin) or “Stranded”.

Irish Damien Rice provides the next recommendation. It’s “O”, a calm creation which he handles perfectly with his outstanding voice. I must recognize that my favourite song from this album is “The blower’s daughter”. Safe bet!

For nostalgic romantics, I suggest Scorpions’ “Gold ballads”. Set your possible prejudices free. In this album there is neither heavy music nor their latter soft rock ballads. There are five great themes for all listeners. “Still loving you” is a classic where you can’t go wrong, but the other four songs provide many romantic moments (“Always somewhere”, for example).

I will finish by talking about one of those common cases in which your couple has seen a romantic movie and she/he wants to imagine the same story with you (although it was an impossible love). Well; the last recommendation fits with the previous description. “Cinema Paradiso”, soundtrack composed by Ennio Morricone and his son Andrea, will delight some of you with mellow music and a beautiful love theme. Tracks 9 and 16 are extraordinary.

And now it only remains for me to say … Good luck!

ps. by jose: In case yours is no ordinary love, let me add Sade’sLove Deluxe” to the list. 🙂

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