Reading between the lines

Subliminal messages allow us to communicate something without being direct, and are usually quite effective in reaching the target. Let’s practise!

Imagine there are rumours of a vacancy in the executive bureau of the company where you work. You want to make your boss understand that you are the most capable person for the post. Your boss has his/her car in the repair shop, and you offer to lift him/her (because it’s on your way home). How can you tell her her/him about your aptitudes without saying anything, but only playing five songs?

  • First of all, flatter him/her subliminally. You must make him/her feel very comfortable during the route. A love song out of context may be very useful. “You are the sunshine of my life” (Stevie Wonder).
  • Your proposal has been implicitly released. Now make some reference to other possible candidates. “Lie to me” (The exploited).
  • Oops! Excuse me! The exploited is a metal-punk band. If your boss hasn’t fired you after this lapse, maybe he/she has paid attention to the lyrics. But, just in case, use a divert strategy: Monty Python’s “The bright side of life” (Eric Idle). Problem solved.
  • A key factor for your boss’ decision may be your financial vision. “Money” (Pink Floyd) and its cash register effect at the beginning, of course.
  • Now be focused. Try to motivate and encourage him/her as if you two are going to do great things from now on. Perhaps he/she will take the decision during the way. “You are the voice” (John Farnham). Ok. Good stuff!
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