Reading between the lines

Subliminal messages allow us to communicate something without being direct, and are usually quite effective in reaching the target. Let’s practise!

Imagine you want to leave your girlfriend/boyfriend because you have discovered something you don’t agree with. Now imagine you have to take her/him home in your car. How can you tell her/him your feelings without saying anything, but only playing five songs?

  • Start by giving some pity. It’s always effective, but in small doses. How can you mend a broken heart? (Bee Gees).
  • Let her/him know something is wrong. It will suit you to exaggerate a little. Baby did a bad bad thing (Chris Isaak).
  • If you think she/he hasn’t understood it, say it clearer. Guilty (Mike Oldfield).
  • There is no way out. You’ve made your mind, and there is a new life from now on. The times they are a-changing (Bob Dylan).
  • And finally, use a non-offensive topic. Why can’t we be friends? (Smash mouth).
  • Any suggestions? leave us a comment, or discuss it in the board 🙂

    4 thoughts on “Reading between the lines”

    1. Surely the two big guns
      Babe I am gonna leave you by led zeppelin
      50 ways to leave your lover

      are sure things? Besides being two of the greatest songs of all time.

    2. More “liminal” than subliminal, but Led Zeppelin deserves -at least- an article. “Babe, I am gonna leave you” is a true masterpiece.

    3. Sure. The fabulous “Led Zeppelin” will have -at least- one article. In a few weeks time …

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