Sweet Dulce (II): Track by track

Let’s start the second and last chapter dedicated to Portuguese singer Dulce Pontes, in which we pay attention to ten outstanding musical moments (for different reasons) of her discography.

Sweet Dulce (II): Track by track

“Oh! barca branca”.- Her first album “Lusitana” contains this song, similar in intentions and structure to “A cançao do mar”, a theme which had been popular in Amalia Rodrigues’ voice. It’s the song that allowed the audience to foresee the subsequent evolution in her career.

“Cançao do mar”.- As we can infer from the previous paragraph, this was a re-performance that turned into the fine vehicle to project herself worldwide. But why? We can find the answer in Gregory Hoblit’s “Primal Fear”, film starring Richard Gere, Laura Linney and Edward Norton. The soundtrack includes this song, which takes special prominence during the film. In fact, this is the music that is given to Richard Gere by a gangster portrayed by actor Steve Bauer.

“Estranha forma de vida”.- This song is the major expression of fado as a way of life. A heart-rending song, haunting as few can, with increasing intensity: the best example of this more “traditional” stage in Dulce’s work.

“Povo que lavas no rio”.- Excellent and emblematic theme. An anthem that is worth listening to, especially if you choose the live performance included in the double album “Brisa Do Coraçao”.

“O infante”.- First song composed (released in her albums) by Dulce Pontes, with a text by poet Fernando Pessoa. In this piece she plays the piano and sings. You can find it in the album “Caminhos”.

“Gaivota”.- What a perfect song! Emotive lyrics, haunting music and arrangements, sublime voice. It’s a new version of a classic tune, previously performed by other artists, but Dulce’s version beats all of them(by far).

“Tirioni”.- “O primeiro canto” includes this exercise of introspection. Dulce searches for the music of the emotion in a pure state.

“Ondeia”.- Really up close and personal. As in the entire “O primeiro canto” album, she prefers feeling rather than virtuosity, and the result is still more impressive. A must.

“O mare e tu”.- Maybe the finest example of Dulce’s duets. In this case Andrea Bocelli is the artist that invites Dulce to participate in his album. This is really an excellent combination of two great voices. I really recommend it, even if you aren’t a fan of Bocelli’s work.

“La luz prodigiosa”.- Perhaps the more virtuoso theme in Dulce’s career. This is an extremely difficult vocal composition, not apt for karaoke singers. Upon a poem by Federico García Lorca, Morricone specifically composed this song for his Portuguese friend, giving as a result one of the most beautiful themes in cinematographic composition.

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