The ZPrinter

The ZPrinter 310 System creates physical models directly from digital data.

It may be “the ideal entry-level rapid prototyping system”, but at a price of $25900 (Options, shipping, local taxes and duties not included), it’s just a little too expensive for my budget. Yet it is so sweet! Just take a look at the technology video (skip some corporate blah blah) and see for yourself what it can do. With one of these and a 3D scanner, you’ll be able to replicate just everything! (evil laugh*). Ok, but I guess that any 3D-er would love to see these machines down to an affordable price.

*Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for any misuse of these technologies, may it happen now or many years from now when everyone will be able to copy objects with ease. I’m just saying that it could happen. The evil laugh is intended to be a joke, it’s not really evil. I do my best to be a good citizen. Really. 🙂