Make your walls glow with sTILE

The tiles are layers of glass and colour fused together, with a specially made LED pcb contained at the back, which illuminates the bubbly texture of the glass.

Great! I’ll never again have trouble finding the bathroom at 4 am! The article doesn’t make any comments on how are the tiles powered and the pictures don’t show any type of plug, so I hope it won’t be necessary to knock down the walls in order to change the batteries 😛
Very nice idea, and practical too. The whole designboom site is just as interesting, whether you’re a contemporary industrial design lover or just want to see some cool, -even useful- stuff.

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Small, but playful

World´s smallest website

This statement poses the weblogsophical question about the background as part of a website or not, since the visual effect is attained by the solid colour which fills most of the space. Is then the container a mere shell or does it merge with the object inside? Whatever the answer, this site is a successful study in minimal usable design, with everything you would expect from a full- grownth site, and more. You can even practice piano! (it comes with a metronome too).

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