All you need to make a notebook

I cannot anticipate all needs, but the grids below should cover most common ones.

Here you will find a set of Acrobat (*.pdf) files which will print out music score paper on your printer.

Print this over the previously printed grids to finish your empty notebook


Make or repair books with this easy technique.

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Scores Galore

# Scores are in the public domain
# Available from anywhere

This is a collection of Public Domain music scores which I find valuable as a Composition student. For instance, many of the operas are provided in both full and vocal score, which is very helpful when practicing reduction and orchestration. I prefer to have the book in front of me better than the screen or a print from the file, but it´s nice to know that all those materials are at hand if needed, may be the case that you lose the score of “Dido and Aeneas” the day before the Choir exam. (yes, it happened).