7 thoughts on “Tessellations Galore”

  1. Wow, some beautiful tessellations here!

    I don’t recognize some of these names, though… do you know who Pascual D’Auria is?

    The star that is labeled “Robert Lang” looks a lot like one I designed a while back; I wonder if it’s labeled wrong, or if I just recreated a design of Lang’s?

  2. Hi Eric, I´m glad that you like the tessellations! Pascual is the spanish for Pasquale. Therefore, you´re searching for Pasquale D´auria. As for the second question, I´ll ask the people in the origami group to see if we can clarify the mystery.

  3. Those are beautiful and I’m floored. Things like that aren’t seen ehre in North Carlina. Infact I wouldn’t be surprised if none knew what origami was let alone a tessellation. Your groups does good work 🙂

  4. Eric, you were right. I have confirmed that the star was labeled wrong. I have just added a ps to the article so that the authorship is clarified.

  5. My friend Covadonga sent me a new picture of your star, this time with the right label. It´s the last one in the list of pictures. All´s well that ends well! 🙂

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