The BioWall

A Synetic building is an airy and lace-like basketry of thin arcs patterned in curvilinear triangulation.


The structure is based on the principle of self-similarity enabling it to work from the nano to the macro scale.

oh… that must be the wall… but, where’s the Bio?

(…) reactive surfaces inspired by botanical life that reflect and communicate environmental changes.


More information on the inspiration for and the geometry behind BioWall can be found in our research & development web under BioWallWeave .

Let´s see

Our weave is based on a dodecahedron. Several are assembled into a closed ring pattern.

Let´s put everything together. The biowall is a frame made out of 3d shapes (dodecahedrons). These dodecahedrons are themselves made of metal wires, so they behave like springs; therefore, they are arranged in a special way so that they make a stable shape. The structure is very light, so it can be put on top of plantpots with ivy, which gradually covers it as it grows. This is what the Biowall is after all, a fence! Well, actually it is a very cool fence and a great idea, with perhaps a little too much literature growing over it. 😉

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