The deepest scratching ever

This kit allows you to build your very own gramophone, which will let you record and play back your very own record disks!

Thinking that it could be very cool to record my own “lo- fi” memos and sounds, I bought the Gramophone, which arrived soon and in perfect condition as the packaging was excellent. It also came with instructions in English, and building it was quick and fun. It looks very nice, but that’s all there is to it. I tried to make several recordings on the supplied disks and on spare cds, and the results were very disappointing, to say the least. In brief, if you manage to record something, which involves you almost shouting at the horn, in order to play it back you have to place the needle very accurately over the groove that was carved while recording: don’t make any mistake or it will get out of the path and ruin everything with no possible recovery. If everything goes right, you may hear what you recorded in a very very low volume (no amplifier other than the horn), and to make things worse, the mechanism is very noisy. Maybe it was my fault or more experiments should be done, but I didn’t like the overall results.
I think I was expecting too much from this thing. If you like it and want to give it a try, keep in mind that it will work for the purpose it was made, to show how a gramophone works, and little more. Anyway, the carved cds look like space- era vinyls, which is actually cool and decreases the frustration 😛

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