The FlipFold

Use FlipFOLD for folding your pants, shorts, skirts…even towels and sheets!

Some days ago I wrote about an easy technique to fold Tshirts by hand. I have been using it since then with good results, though the technique renders irregular results: some shirts look better folded than others, some of them are better centered…

Here’s when a little bit of industrial revolution comes in handy: The FlipFold (yet another inspired name) is a very simple machine designed to grant perfect foldings every time, all done in six quick steps. Despite being so basic, the machine works with all kinds of shirts and even pants, and the Flipfold’s site features instructions for all of them.

All in all the Flipfold is a witty contraption, undoubtedly; however, you may wonder if, since it is such a simple design, it would be possible to build a homemade tshirt folding machine of the same kind, at least for test purposes… Yes, someone has already done it, blueprints and all! You will find them here, along with an instructional video showing all the building steps (and featuring one of my favourite videogame tunes of all time!). 🙂

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