The number of the rose

In “Petals Around the Rose” there is always one correct answer. The problem is how we define the problem.

Look at the image below:

Now, my question is the following: How many petals are around the rose?

I can tell you that the answer is 6.

Are you puzzled? Give it another go: How many petals are around the rose?

The answer is 8.

Hint: the answer is always an even number.

Got it yet? One last try: How many petals are around the rose?

Last hint: 0 is a valid answer. (to avoid any confusion- the penultimate die has four dots)

This is all I am allowed to tell you.

In case you have figured out the solution to this mysterious game, please keep it sub rosa. Some people figure it out very soon, while some others get stuck for ages. My opinion is that the way in which you think about the question is the key to whether you see it or not. That’s another clue, but don’t tell anyone that I told you. The Fraternity of Petals Around the Rose could be merciless upon me… The site linked above won´t give you more clues, but it features a flash version of the game so that you can keep on trying in case you get stuck. Much worthwhile is also this story on how several brilliant minds faced the question. Just remember, the solution is always before you -if you know how to see

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