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Tony Alleyne has done what many others only dream of doing. Being a science fiction movies lover, he has modded his flat so that it looks as if it were taken from Star Trek TNG (The Next Generation). Coincidentally that’s my favourite incarnation of the series, so I agree with his choice -though I think that his resemblance to Captain Picard has also had something to do with it-. 😉

Searching for more information on Tony and his flat I have come across several interesting sites. For instance, there’s an article from Uber-review which points out that Tony’s plan of making money out of his flat (which included the creation of his own company, “24th Century Design”), has been a “financial disaster”. However, in a lengthier interview for “Earth’s Academy” magazine, we can read that he is “upgrading the design to Star Trek Voyager“. My personal guess is that he will continue, so to say, moving forward for as long as he can.

I don’t feel I was born ‘out of place’, I just have ideas about interior that suit my lifestyle

For more reference on Star Trek’s sets, I highly recommend that you visit both Memory Alpha, and Ex Astris scientia, two sites that hold a huge amount of valuable information on everything related to the series. I was particularly impressed by the depictions of the ships´ bridges in this latter site. Actually, any of those designs would fit perfectly in a dome house or, even better, in a circular-shaped musical studio, like Vince Clarke‘s (Tony himself used to work as a DJ). Mmm, now that I think about it…

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