The UFO camera

This new version of the Ovnipan adds several new features: a improved transport system makes the camera even more pleasurable to use(…) The round design has been retained without changes, harmonizing perfectly with the panoramic function of the camera.

The ovnipan is a panoramic pinhole c the best looking panoramic pinhole camera I have seen so far. It surely looks like a UFO, or a futuristic house; in any case, the design is beautiful in its simplicity and, even better, it works! Here you can find several examples of images taken with the camera, a collection of surreal, yet vivid panoramas. The designers have also devised a special attachment, a rubber band which works as a “second-level” shutter, thus allowing the photographer to make collages. Great!

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2 thoughts on “The UFO camera”

  1. Muchachote, vas a tener que ver este juego, supongo que lo tienes ya orbitando du PSP, pero vamos:


    Its über!

  2. Oído cocina! XD

    (last message was my friend carlos asking me to get the game everyextendextra: kinda offtopic :P)

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