Throw the camera!

For we are the reckless folks on flickr that enjoy the abstract, chance, generative, physical photography that results from throwing our cameras into the air

The photography technique known as camera tossing can be described in three words: click, throw, catch (or not). The details of course depend on the type of camera you use, but that’s all that is needed. The key is to adjust the exposure time wisely, and throw the camera in a certain way so as to get interesting results. Looks simple? it’s not. Of course, throwing the camera is easy, but if you want to have some degree of control over the results, while still following the rules, you’ll have to develop your skills, to learn the various ways of throwing and catching the camera, to study different subjects so as to find those more suitable for the technique, and above all, you’ll have to practice lots. Does it pay off? it does. Every time I visit the galleries from the sites linked above I find new amazing pictures, images that I can’t believe have been taken just by throwing a camera. Anyway, good news are that ye ol’ dirty method of randomly throwing the camera is really fun, and can become quite addictive. In this respect, I guess that the boom of digital photography has had a lot to do in spreading the technique: you can see the results on the fly, and you can try as many times as you want.

All in all, I would strongly encourage everyone to try this technique; my only warning is that you don’t make your first attempts with your mint zillionpixel camera (or the reflex… and the polaroid is a no-no unless you want to try picture tossing too). Good luck!

ps. The picture above was taken by Shane English, one of the finest photographers using this technique I’ve ever seen

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