Virtual Stapler

Ka-chunk! click! Ka-chunk!
No sound satisfies me more
Than staplers at work!

“Vanitas vanitatis, et omnia staplers”: VirtualStapler is a little lovely site which covers everything you ever wanted to know about staplers, including some aspects that you probably never thought of. The site´s main attraction is the interactive piece featured on the front page, which brings attention to an underrated yet often indispensable action, and will relieve many compulsive staplers out of the office. Several virtual staplers are included for a staple-of-the-art recreation, and many others are covered in a comprehensible gallery. Even more, you can download several stapler-themed computer desktops, and I highly recommend reading the Stapler poetry, from where I took the haiku above.

All in all, a must- visit! 😀

ps. virtual stapler + virtual character =

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