Glest 1.1.0-rc4 released

This version adds reworked particle systems.

Glest is a 3D RTS game in which I’m working as music&sound artist. Currently available for windows and linux, it;s open source, and not only was it awarded First Prize in last year’s “PlayStation ArtFutura Video Game Design Award”, sponsored by Sony, but it’s also been featured in the cover cds of specialized magazines in several countries. Plus it’s free 🙂

May I have your attention, please?

“The Attention Economy and the Net”, by Michael H. Goldhaber

The attention economy brings with it its own kind of wealth, its own class divisions – stars vs. fans – and its own forms of property

The Net is a virtual market where every product ends up being the same product -Information. But Information is ubiquitous and excessive, resulting in a superabundance which cheapens it. Therefore, every product offered in the Net loses value, which is particularly true when that product is a kind of information from the beginning (say software or recorded music). In this context, the author tries to underline the increasing importance of “the attention” as a trade good: the most effective way (the only way?) to add value to a product is by getting and retaining the attention of the public over it. This may as a result make Attention itself become a form of currency, the wealth to seek and the basis for a new economic system where “paying attention” will literally hold to the meaning.
The paper is very well written, amusing (a real plus given the subject), and might help to better understand and analyze recent developments in advertising techniques, like as seen here.

Small, but playful

World´s smallest website

This statement poses the weblogsophical question about the background as part of a website or not, since the visual effect is attained by the solid colour which fills most of the space. Is then the container a mere shell or does it merge with the object inside? Whatever the answer, this site is a successful study in minimal usable design, with everything you would expect from a full- grownth site, and more. You can even practice piano! (it comes with a metronome too).

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Instant Holograms with no Chemicals

LITIHOLO “INSTANT HOLOGRAM” FILM allows you to see your holograms immediately, without waiting for developing or processing.

If you are one of those who believed in laser pointer holography and were disencouraged by some of its complexities (I was), you may agree that this sounds great. Self developing means no chemicals, which in turn means “safer” and “no need for a bathroom nearby”. At the price of $55 for 20 plates (or $40 if you previously bought their everything-you-need kit), it looks like a good deal.