Christmas: A lovely bad dream

“It’s Christmas time!”. Many of you will remember Jack Skeleton, the main character in a wondrous tale created by Tim Burton and directed by Henry Sellick, “The nightmare before Christmas”. So, you’ll also remember when Jack found the Xmas town, singing the rhythmic and funny “What’s this”, (composed and sung by Danny Elfman), cheering on the new discovery and shouting out loud “It’s Christmas time!”

I’m going to be a Jack’s “alter ego” for a moment, in order to give you some arguments for loving Xmas, not in a usual way, but based on the film that we are reviewing.

Christmas: A lovely bad dream

Why people that love monstrosity and darkened creatures use to hate the candid atmosphere of these weeks? There’s no reason for this. Believe me. We only have to think thoroughly, just like Jack does. The inhabitants of Halloween Town, including me, consider Christmas a bogey itself: it´s prudish, pretentious, … It fulfills all the elements that scare us. Jack enjoys Christmas because it frightens him! Hey, people, don´t worry! It´s not a dead end. In “The nightmare before Christmas” you can find a way out, without having to be angry or sour-faced in this time.

Oh! I like Christmas, but what about carols? I really dislike them. However, given the circumstances, I prefer to think about Danny Elfman’s score to the film. He found the perfect mixture of both “fêtes”, bringing up a fistful of brilliant sardonic songs with the unmistakable flavour of Xmas. The music saunters from the macabre to the romantic with the same elegance, and provides us of with some memorable moments, like the first entry of Jack and the introduction of all the citizens in Halloween Town, concerned in “This is Halloween”. You also must pay attention to the naughty “Kidnap Sandy Claws”, and the fascinating “Jack’s obsession”.

On the other hand, Christmas is light, snowy and white light all around, whereas Jack Skeleton’s world is dark. Is it really a problem? Maybe, but not for Jack and his “alter egos” (like me). Jack likes Xmas because it creates a new atmosphere. It’s different, we can´t deny.

I’m in favour of Christmas time. Let’s step into a new degree of understanding, like Jack did. He tried to make use of synergy to achieve greater effects than the sum of the individual ones produced by Xmas and Halloween. In fact, Jack would be a good businessman.

In conclusion, to be honest, I prefer having fun to getting upset. After all, Xmas will ever pass…

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