Lego of choice: Doraemon

Doraemon, the cosmic cat, must be one of the cutest japanese cartoon characters ever, and my personal favourite: he’s always smiling (unlike Kitty, which “speaks from her heart” and therefore has no mouth: duh!), and he always has some cool gadget to amuse Nobita (he’s got a magic four-dimensional pocket!!). This said, I was really pleased to know that someone had made a “real-size” Doraemon out of lego blocks. (Another proof that anything can be replicated with Lego blocks: it’s just a matter of patience and blocks -and the money to buy them).

The sculpture is really magnificent as it accurately matches the character’s appearance and personality with excellent detail (with tail and all!). From outside it looks really sturdy and heavy, but it is actually hollow (makes sense, for it would be unnecessarily expensive otherwise). There’s an intricate supporting structure inside which can be revealed by detaching the head from the body or by removing the eyes: very interesting, though the pictures of lego figures walking inside Doraemon are a little weird to watch… I was wondering how the author managed to design the model, or which building method he or she used, when I found this picture. If you look carefully, you will notice that the lego figures are standing over what looks like a blueprint.

Actually, if one is to believe the dates from the links in the pages, the project was completed within two years. Fortunately, the time spent on it has really paid off. Now, for the next model, I would suggest going over Shin Chan. That would be amazing! 🙂

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