Serenity: Afterthoughts

Hunted by vastly different enemies, they begin to discover that the greatest danger to them may be (…)

Opposite feelings and a kind of certainty: that´s how I feel about this movie. On the positive side, I have to say that it offers two hours of entertainment, is impressive at times (both in visuals and sound), brings moments of very accomplished music, has some hilarious lines, doesn’t take itself too seriously and introduces a memorable antihero (Mal, the captain). On the negative side, I should say that the plot is kinda fluffy and at times dull, as dull are some of the characters. The villains represent the worst evilness, (not an opposition to goodness but a kind of amorality), in both aspects, irrational (the hordes of reavers) and rational, (the unnamed assassin). What a lost opportunity, though!: in the end, the reavers are nothing more than zombies and the assassin is so uninteresting that it is hard to be impressed by the twist of the plot that shows the moral of the movie. (something about the many ways of being bad, and the many ways to end up being good, unless, that is, that you are a zombie… ah, those poor zombies!). Finally, I would put on the tepid side some of the 3D and some of the music, not bad per se but definitely losing in comparison to the highlights.

And talking about comparisons, I definitely saw some Star Wars here. So to say we have another Luke, but as a supporting character: the star is finally Han, thumbs up! Oh, and forget about the “I´m your father” stuff… , I don´t see that in a sequel, no, no way. As I said before, our Darth has no helmet but is even more inexpressive; Chewie talks, (actually for good), Leia is still there, split in between River (isn´t she someone’s sister?), and Zoe; surprisingly I saw no robots, but we have two other characters to close the whole, and finally there’s this other girl… but I guess I’ll have to watch the series to understand why she is there, as she doesn´t do much. More films to compare with, I´d say Blade Runner in several shots (aesthetically only), and The Fifth Element (the quest, the girl, the Love). However, more than this I was surprised by the striking resemblance between Serenity, the movie, and Freelancer, the videogame. Look at Mal, then look at Trent. Now, in this same picture, focus on the ship behind Trent and compare it to the Serenity… if you are curious enough, you´ll see that the likenesses don´t end here. A coincidence? who knows, who knows. As I said earlier, I have a kind of certainty about this. Let´s wait for Serenity’s videogame to confirm 🙂

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